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The acumen public affairs team members all have a background in managing complex international assignments in senior positions in large agencies. At Acumen we bring the benefits of this experience to working in close partnership with our clients.

We are all public affairs experts – but in the broadest sense. We are just as comfortable interacting with decision-makers, communicating to the press and developing integrated communications strategies. Similarly, while we are Brussels-based EU experts, we are equally at home in other major policy-making and business centres around the world. Our philosophy is to act as “sparring partners” to our clients and be responsive but also challenging when appropriate. We excel in providing objective, no-nonsense advice that leads to tangible and sustainable results. Most of all we love to roll up our sleeves, get to grips with issues and provide hands-on support.





We have been ranked at #10 in the TOP 25 BEST EMPLOYERS IN EU AFFAIRS and received EUROPEAN LABEL FOR BEST INTERNSHIPS. 


We are proud to have been named as the top consultancy to work for in Brussels as rated by interns themselves in January 2019 and to have been awarded the "Champion" European Label for Quality Internship by InternsGoPro. Did you know that 80% of Acumen trainees are offered a permanent contract at the end of their Traineeship? To know more about our commitment to offering high quality internships, please check our employer profile on their website. 



 Read what it's like to intern with us for a summer in this article.