Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

At Acumen, we have a real passion for health policy and pharmaceuticals and finding the win-win in the increasingly political agendas that play out at UN/WHO, EU and national level. We are equally at home operating in Geneva, Brussels or through our network of contacts in major capitals.

Our work with leading pharmaceutical companies, patient and professional groups and trade associations across different disease and health policy areas including harmful use of alcohol, obesity, healthy aging.  We have covered issues ranging from disease awareness, access to essential medicines and vaccines, clinical trials and transparency, pharmacovigilance and quality issues such as counterfeit medicines, occupational diseases, market access and trade agreements, intellectual property rights and other policies supporting innovative and generic medicines, research funding, recognition of professional qualifications and competition issues.

We believe that an on-going dialogue with decision-makers is essential to creating the conditions for patients to access the most effective healthcare solutions.  No one assignment is the same. However, the key to success almost always lies in identifying common interests with the stakeholders who matter, and presenting an aligned and compelling message to policy-makers.

Agriculture, Food & Consumer Policy

An innovative and sustainable agri-food sector is key to tackling some of the most important societal challenges of tomorrow. Similarly, consumer goods manufacturers’ license to operate depends on being in step with society. Therefore, finding a balance between creating the right conditions to foster innovation, while having the right regulatory framework in place, is crucial. 

Agriculture is one of the longest-standing examples of a common European policy. Over the past couple of decades, the EU has also gained additional legislative competences for food safety and consumer protection, with the European Parliament playing an increasingly prominent role.  Meanwhile, the international agenda related to agri-food has an impact on trade, and solutions for food security and healthy lifestyles.

The Acumen team can draw on considerable experience and strong contacts in these areas. We support corporations, associations, coalitions and NGOs with advocacy programmes, media campaigns and research projects on issues such as Common Agricultural Policy reform, free trade agreements, food security, product authorisations, food allergens and health and nutritional claims. Often, one of the most important parts of our work is helping our clients translate technical arguments into messages that can resonate with policy-makers, the media and the general public. 

Energy, Environment & Climate Change

The European Union (EU) is committed to ambitious climate, environment and energy goals to ensure a competitive, secure and low-carbon EU economy. Legislation coming out of Brussels in areas ranging from energy efficiency and emissions reductions to chemical authorisations, and renewable energy, has an impact not only at Member State level, but also in other parts of the world.

As EU policy-makers look to find the best balance between environmental protection and economic growth, we help our clients understand the challenges and maximise the opportunities of this changing landscape.  Examples of policy areas in which we have recent direct experience in running advocacy and communications campaigns include energy efficiency, waste management, fluorinated gases, eco-design and REACH. 

Information & Communications Technology

The digital economy is one of the key priorities of the European Commission and the Digital Single Market Strategy, launched in 2015, will play a key role enabling Europe to reap the benefit of ICT and digitisation. This will aid economic growth and lay the foundations of a sustainable digital future. Considerations for the digital economy have been spread across policy areas and hold the promise of achieving Europe’s ambition in becoming a knowledge-based society. Creating a fit for purpose copyright system, boosting e-commerce, enhancing trust and security online, fostering innovation and enabling growing sectors such as the collaborative economy are some of the core aspects of achieving a flourishing digital economy in Europe. Advocacy programmes that nurture relationships with stakeholders by delivering solutions are most effective in shaping a policy environment. Policies that continues to  seek to encourage innovation and growth, while satisfying higher expectations for online protection. Both established and emerging technology leaders see us a reliable partner capable of identifying and engaging with the stakeholders that count the most.

Financial Services

The banking and financial crisis has put the financial services industry under intense scrutiny and subject to increasing levels of regulation. The European Union has adopted legislation to tackle excessive volatility in financial markets and is currently putting the finishing touches on the banking union. This environment will continue to undergo transformation as new challenges and priorities emerge. Re-building relationships and reputation while addressing regulatory proposals that put one’s business model at risk are the kinds of challenges faced by the industry.

At Acumen, we have the analytic and strategic skills to help our clients mature their thinking in a way that builds credibility and reliability. We also have the expertise to design communication campaigns which make sure that policy-makers, the public and the media understand the key issues of your business model.

Humanitarian & Development Aid

The EU development policy is a complex framework of national, European and regional competences and multiple inter-linked programmes, instruments and actors.  By creating jobs, encouraging business practices in key areas such as agriculture, green growth, industrialisation and the service sector, the private sector has a crucial role to play in the development process.   

While being one of the largest donors of aid, the EU is just one of a number of major players in the larger development and humanitarian agendas. These include other major donors such as the USA and the G7, as well as the BRICs and the G20.

At Acumen, we work closely with international organizations, governments, and other development partners in Brussels, Geneva and beyond to pursue initiatives that bring about fundamental change. We help our clients to find natural allies for a given cause, build coalitions and design targeted outreach campaigns. Our client experience in this area includes supporting partnerships on access to essential medicines in the developing world, donor campaigns, programmes to support strengthening health systems, as well as contributing to EU policy discussions on global food security.